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Cynthia Padilla
Botanical Arts & Natural Science Illustration

Artist Statement

Cynthia Padilla, Botanical Artist/Naturalist Illustrator
“I document the fragility of nature.  When the fascinating specimen I have drawn has long frozen to the ground, or flown across distant fields, my drawing of it remains…fresh and vibrant for continued study and enjoyment.  I paint highly detailed renderings of plants, flowers and natural science subjects, drawn to scale, colors mixed and matched to the exacting standards of the strict art form.  Yet my field sketches, done on location, are at first glance loose and free.
Cynthia Padilla, sought internationally for exhibits, research projects, book & product reviews, lectures and travel leader on sketching tours worldwide. To hire: padillapost@gmail.com
View International exhibit and workshop schedule: http://artinstructor.blogspot.com/




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